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The preparation of the learning material is a time-consuming and particularly meticulous process which needs to be constantly up-to-date. Our experience allows us to provide the educational material to both the trainees and the trainers in various formats (texts, slides, examination material, audiovisual material for synchronous and asynchronous courses). The educational material fulfills the criteria of the Ministry of Education and the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance with regards to each goal (i.e. the learning aims), the target audience, the structure with the scientific fields that it covers, the justification of the necessity of these fields etc.

Based on the certification body, such as ITEC and CIDESCO, the material which will be written up and supervised by FRON, refers to the requirements of each body with regards to the syllabus and the academic level adjusted to the Greek reality. In addition to the requirements mentioned above, the authors of FRON enrich the educational material with elements derived from their long standing experience and their creative aspirations: combined skills from different areas of expertise and knowledge which will offer competitive advantages to the professionals.